CUGINI is...

Grappa, the National Drink of Italy —
44 Million Bottles are Produced Every Year!

Alambic (small batch) Distilled Pomace (freshly-crushed grape skins and juice),
the Aromatic and Delicious By-Product
of Winemaking.


The Grappa of Napa

The Grappa Process

Autumn, Napa County, California. When the grapes become fully ripened on their vines, they are harvested and crushed. The nectar from the crush will become the wine for which the Valley is most famous.

The pulp, skin and seeds left over from the crush are called the Pomace. We whisk this fragrant raw material to our distillery where it is transformed into CUGINI Napa Grappa, expertly crafted in small batches to ensure the quality worthy of our DiTocco family crest. We invite you to enjoy CUGINI Napa Grappa, whether with the family you were born into or with the family of friends you have made.

The CUGINI History

Antonio and Mary DiTocco arrived in Quincy, Massachusetts from Benevento, Italy in the early 1900’s and raised eleven children on a bricklayer’s salary during the depression years. Those eleven children gave their parents thirty-eight grandchildren, among them cousins Anthony DiTocco III and Matthew McNally.

Many years later, Tony was visiting Matt in San Francisco, and over an Italian dinner, a bottle of Napa cab, a couple glasses of grappa and old family stories, the idea for CUGINI was born – an old world tradition made in the new world style!

Napa Valley

Where To Find


Licensed Wholesale / Restaurant Customers

In California:
Matt McNally (415) 377-2913

In Florida:
Tony DiTocco (954) 422-2252

Retail Customers

CUGINI Grappa is available at
the following retail locations:

Beltramo's Wine & Spirits

The Ditocco Family Crest

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